Our Story

Nailtural Our Story

Our Story

Our story began in California with a simple mission to create a product that is good for your nails and better for the environment. We go to nature to be soothed and healed. We believe you shouldn't have to choose between quality and the environment. Nature is not replaceable, so let's preserve this beautiful place and give yourself a choice to color by nature.

Our Story

Our Mission

To deliver a better-for-you line of nail products today because we believe in a better tomorrow. Our formulas are 16-free which means we are free of harmful ingredients, we are cruelty-free because animals are meant to be loved and never tested on and we are worry-free because we feel you have better things to worry about.


We use naturally-derived sustainable ingredients such as potato, beet and cassava in our formula rather than non renewable resources like fossil and petroleum found in traditional polishes


We utilize efficient scientific technologies to create bio-based materials to help reduce energy consumption and minimize environmental disruptions. Beet and cassava are used to create the Ethyl Acetate while potato and cassava is used to create the Butyl Acetate


Our innovative long-lasting formula promotes less product maintenance to help reduce environmental impact