Eight nail shapes are still leading the way in 2019: Stiletto, coffin, oval, square, rounded, almond, pointed and squoval. But which one is best for you? Here we look at each shape, and when to wear each one.

For busy hands: Oval, rounded and squoval

Rounded, almond and squoval nail shapes look great on those with shorter nails. This makes them perfect for anyone who uses their hands a lot. If you do a lot of typing, long, pointed nails are a no-no, unless you don’t mind going back and correcting a ton of typos. If you’re a busy parent, or do fiddly work, these shapes will serve you well.

To make a statement: Coffin, stiletto or pointed

If you’re going to a glamorous event, or you’re off on a big night out, make a splash with these dramatic nail shapes. Though not the most practical of styles (they can break off easily, especially if worn super long), they look absolutely fabulous. We recommend you take a small clutch bag so your essentials are easily accessible. And to complement your look, why not go all-out with bold colored nail polish, or even a little nail art? After all, you’re not here to be a shrinking violet.

For a classic look: Almond or square

Almond-shaped nails are often worn long, so can be a bit impractical for day-to-day life. But the fact that they have a slightly rounded tip makes them stronger than stiletto or super-pointed nails. When worn shorter, they still make a statement while offering more durability than the more dramatic shapes.

Similarly, square nails look great in a variety of lengths. But be aware that longer square nails with sharper corners can catch on fabrics and break off under too much strain, so be careful when putting on tights or handling delicate fabrics.

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